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EV Charging Stations

Supply of EV charging stations according to your vehicle specifications.
Safe, smart, and simple to use solutions of various capacities. 

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Our Story

A single idea was and still is our inspiration. How we can contribute to the environmental and energy upgrade of our island. How to positively influence the cultivation of environmental consciousness, especially now that the planet is screaming for help. No more air pollution, no more noise pollution from mobility. 

The implementation of the idea? The company that is actively promoting e-mobility. Initially with the sale and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, but also with the provision of e-mobility consulting services. The ultimate task of our cause is to contribute to the reduction of pollution from mobility emissions. 


Is Cyprus ready to make this transition? Can we make our planet sustainable? We are here to help. With professionalism and thoroughness!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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