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Title: The Future is Electric: Embracing E-Mobility in Cyprus

For many reasons, but mainly due to ignorance and/or reluctance to anything new (emobility in this case), the prevailing opinion is that electric cars are unsuitable for long distances.


In larger countries, some electric cars are best suitable only for driving in the city center, because of their small battery range. That also happens with electric cars with bigger battery range. It's definitely more economic to drive in the city instead of the huge highways, where there's more battery consumption. As a result, they need to be charged before reaching their final destination.

In Cyprus, however, there are no extremely long distances like in other countries. In fact, most electric cars have a range of about 560km. Some would say that you could drive all around the island, and still have some battery left. If you drive safely and consider speed limits and what your car is suggesting that is! With a thoughtful way of driving, we save our electric car enough battery to carry us everywhere and back home, where we can charge again with our eHome or eNext charger.

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